If I Win A Lottery Composition

If I Win A Lottery

Many a happy hour I have spent planning what I will do if i win a lottery. At last the very truth dawned on me that everybody for himself to which I am not also an exception. With this idea in my mind. I have already started purchasing lottery tickets regularly. I have always been optimistic and am waiting for the day when fortune will actually smile on me. Since I am an cated youth, I hold modern view on life. I have decided to spend the money for my own self, for my family and for humanitarian work.

Well, here is my budget for a prize bag of Tk. 1,50,000.00. Let me be frank. I am not selfish, but I would like to spend a good amount for my personal pleasure only. I have my uncle in London and it is my secret desire to visit him. I would also like to visit Eurpoean cities like Paris, Hamburg, Bonn, Zurich and other places I have read much about. I have a pen-friend in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I also desire to give him a surprise call while over there. I have no idea how much it would cosi me, still I hope it will be around Tk. 40,000/- all inclusive.

I will hand over Tk. 30,000/- to my father to add two more much needed rooms to our existing house. We are an average middle-class family and my father works hard to keep us going: so I must help him as much as I can. Pia is my only sister, and she is very dear to me. She is already twenty and I hope in a year or two she will get married. I have decided to buy cash certificates of Tk. 15,000/- in her name. I can well imagine how happy she would be when she gets the gift from me to start a new life! Helping my mother a little in her tight budget is another secret wish of mine. I have planned another Tk. 15.000/- to help her tide over her difficulties.

I know that man lives in deeds not in years. I do not like that my memory should sink into oblivion after my passing away from the surface of the earth. I want to occupy a place in the innermost recess of human heart by my humanitarian work which we see done by the men great of heart. I want to be remembered by my beneficial work to the end. So I will spend a greater portion of the budget by doing various humanitarian work for the people of my area.

Now I shall be left with a big amount which I propose to put in a bank to cover all my educational and personal expenses.

With all these exciting ideas already chalked out, at least mentally, I am anxiously waiting for memorable day when I am really going to win a lottery.

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