Experience of A Storm in A River Story

Experience of A Storm in A River

Once I was coming to Dhaka from Khulna by a launch. It takes two days to reach Dhaka by launch. The weather was fine and the sky was clear. The river was calm. The launch was moving smoothly. We all the passengers were enjoying the beautiful natural scenery on the either side of the river. Suddenly after the sun set the weather turned foul. There were deep dark clouds in the sky. All on a sudden a storm rose. We all the passengers were terribly upset. The launch was not very big. Again there was no life boat in the launch. The storm caused the river water swell. There were heavy waves which dashed against the launch. It seemed to me that the strong waves might cause rift in the launch. We all were thinking that we might meet with watery graves. So we began to take the name of the almighty Allah.

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