E-mail to Your Pen Friend of England about Bangladesh and Her People

Write an e-mail to your pen friend Suzana of England about Bangladesh and her people.

To : suzana [email protected]
Subject : Beautiful Bangladesh and her peace-loving people

Dear Suzana,
Hope you have seen the photographs attached to this mail. I took them last week during my Io visit to Cox's Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world. But that is only a partial view of the beauties of Bangladesh. In fact, the whole country is covered with vegetation. Hundreds of rivers have added to her beauty. The most beautiful thing of this small country is her population. The people of Bangladesh are very simple and peace-loving. Most of them are poor but they always bear a happy smile on their faces.

Try to visit us if you can. You will see and exclaim 'How beautiful the country is!'
Yours ever,
Farjana Islam

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1 comment

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    25 October, 2022