Digital Bangladesh Composition

Digital Bangladesh

'Digital Bangladesh' means an ICT based Bangladesh where information will be available on line and where digital technology will be used in all the activities of the government and other non government or semi-government organizations. In the 9th National Parliamentary election manifesto. Awami League, one of the leading political parties in Bangladesh, declared to develop Bangladesh into a digital country by 2021.

Bangladesh achieved her Independence almost 45 years ago. But, she is still burdened with many problems like over-population, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, inadequate vocational education, corruption, power crisis, unplanned urbanization etc. In order to solve all these problems, the present government has aimed at making a Digital Bangladesh. The motto of Digital Bangladesh is to establish e-governance, e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-education, e-production, etc. This will ease different complicated processes and ensure the overall development of the country.

If we can establish a Digital Bangladesh, it will connect people with the whole world. It will open doors for the people to improve their conditions. Besides, it will save people's time and money and will make people more enterprising. It will also improve banking and financial activities. Money transfer and transaction of business could be made within seconds by clicking the mouse of a computer. Most importantly, it will bring transparency and reduce corruption. Using the modern digitalized supervising system an independent and strong anti-corruption commission will work for curbing corruption. The outcome will be a corruption-free, developed Bangladesh.

The year 2021 will mark the golden jubilee of our Independence. The present government is determined to freeing Bangladesh from its current state of crisis. With the digitalization process, the institutions of the state will be made more effective. The vision of a digital Bangladesh has created a new hope among the common people. We expect that the hope will turn into a reality.

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