Dialogue Between Yourself and Your Friend Asif About The Importance of Education

Education is very important for the development of a nation. Now, write a dialogue between yourself and your friend Asif about the importance of education.

Myself : How are you, Asif?
Asif : Fine. Thank you and what about you?
Myself : I'm fine too, Asif. However, most of the people of our country are illiterate. But you know that education is a must for any kind of development.
Asif : Yes, ignorance or illiteracy is a curse in our country.
Myself : Illiteracy hampers all our development programme.
Asif : Certainly. On the other hand education is compared to light.
Myself : How can we eradicate illiteracy and educate our people?
Asif : We should set up adult literacy centre at every village.
Myself : Of course.
Asif : Besides it. we should encourage all parents to send their children to school. We should also convince them that without education no nation can go ahead.
Myself : Of course. I think that all educated person should come forward to eradicate this problem
Asif : Good idea.
Myself : Thank you
Asif : Welcome.

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