Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About 'The Good Effects of Morning Walk

A dialogue between you and your friend about 'The good effects of morning walk."

Rijol : Good morning, Rakib.
Rakib : Good morning. How are you?
Rijol : Not so good.
Rakib : Why?
Rijol : I cannot get up early in the morning and I am always late for school.
Rakib : I get up early and have a morning walk. If you wish, I will call you in the morning. You can join me in the walk.
Rijol : That'll be great. Is there any special thing in morning walk?
Rakib : Lots of. It gives our body a perfect start for the day. Different parts of our body remain inactive during the night. They become refreshed by morning walk.
Rijol : Anything else?
Rakib : It'll make your habit of early rising.
Rijol : Yes, I need it badly.
Rakib : And you will enjoy the morning air. The air is fresh in the morning. The environment is calm and quiet.
Rijol : I think I'm going to enjoy it.
Rakib : Yes, of course.
Rijol : Then, I'll wait for your call in the morning.
Rakib : I won't miss it. See you in the morning.
Rijol : See you.

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