Dialogue Between Two Friends About Deforestation and Its Effect

A dialogue between two friends about deforestation and its effect.

Shihab : Iman, have you marked that many people of our country are cutting trees indiscriminately?
Iman : People are cutting trees for fuel, furniture etc.
Shihab : It means everyday we are losing our trees in large scale.
Iman : What may be the effect of deforestation?
Shihab : They are too many to describe. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. If we destroy trees at random, one day the country will turn into a great desert. The temperature will rise and it will cause green house effect.
Iman : How can we get rid of this great disaster?
Shihab : Only planting of more trees can save us from this kind of disaster. We should make the people conscious of the importance of trees.
Iman : Thank you.
Shihab : Welcome.

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1 comment

  • Anonymous
    16 April, 2022
    Ata jodi akto cotu kore kora hoi tate amr kub helf hbe