Dialogue Between A Customer and Book Seller on Buying Books

A dialogue between a customer and book seller on buying books.

Book seller : Good morning. May I help you. please?
Customer : Yes. I want to buy some books.
Book seller : There are different kinds of books here. What type of books do you want?
Customer : I want story books for the children
Book seller : Have you any particular choice?
Customer : No. I don't have any choice
Book seller : OK. You'll find children's book in those selves. Anyhow, I am bringing them for you. They are very popular among the children.
Customer : Please bring.
Book seller : Here are the books.
Customer : How much do they cost?
Book seller : Six hundred taka.
Customer : Here is the money.
Book seller : Thank you. Please visit us next time.
Customer : You're are most welcome. Bye.

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1 comment

1 comment

  • Anonymous
    02 June, 2022
    This is very short I need a big dialogue between customer and bookseller