An Ant and A Dove Story

An Ant and A Dove

Once a stream ran through a green field. There lived an ant beside the stream. One day the ant went to the stream to drink water. While drinking water, suddenly the ant fell into the running water. ile "Help! Help!" shouted the ant. But no one heard him. A dove was sitting on a tree near the stream. He saw the miserable condition of the ant and felt pity. Very quickly he broke off a wide piece of grass. He flew over the stream and dropped the grass right before the ant. The little ant climbed onto the grass. Soon the grass struck in some reeds and the ant climbed onto the bank. What a lucky escape! After a few days the ant was looking for food beside the stream. He stood still hearing the cooing of a dove. He saw that it was the same dove that saved his life. He was very happy to see the dove and wanted to show his gratefulness by waving but of no use. Then to his utter horror he found a boy carying a bow and an arrow. The boy quietly drew the bow and aimed at the dove. Just at that moment the ant bit very seriously on the boy's leg. So, the boy's aim failed and it hit a branch of the tree. The dove flapped her wings and flew off in a hurry. The boy bent down to look. There was a tiny red mark on his leg. And the ant? He was no where to be seen!

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