An Old Lion And The Cunning Fox Story

An old, old lion realized one day that, due to the weakness of the, he was too tired to hunt for his prey any more. Selline went home to his den knowing that soon he wenuid die u before he lay down he stopped at the entrance; breathing with great difficulty and speaking in a slow, low yolce he told the world of this sad condition. O news of the lion's illness soon spread throughout the forest and caused much concern among the other beasts, one oy one they came to visit him and pay their respects However, the lion's age had also made him wily, and as each animal entered his lair and came within reach they fell an easy prey to the lion, who soon grew fat. One day, early in the morning, the fox who was very old and wise came to pay a charity visit to the respectable lion. When he approached the den, he noticed that a fellow fox had fallen a prey to the lion that had come to visit him (L) half an hour earlier. The fox could realize everything. He (F) thought that the lion should be given a good lesson. He went back to the wood and called all the beasts there. He disclosed the evil policy of the lion to the beasts. Then the old fox hit upon a plan. He went to the den and told the lion that he (L) should stay in the den because it was a safer and comfortable place for him. However, somehow he (F) could manage to take the lion in the den. Then he came out and told all the beasts to roll down a huge stone into the den. All the beasts together did so accordingly which made the entrance of the cave closed. The lion was trapped in the den. It could not come out of the den any more. Within a few days the lion was about to die due to starving. Then one day the fox came to the den and said to the lion "Stay here for some more days and enjoy the consequence of the shrewd policy you adopted."

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