Dialogue about your preparation for the examination

A dialogue between myself (Mitu) and my friend (Setu) about our preparation for the examination:
Myself : Hello, Setu, how are you? 
Setu : I'm fine. You?
Myself : I'm also fine. But I'm  worried about my SSC examination. How have you taken preparation? 
Setu : I've taken good preparation in all subjects except mathematics. You? 
Myself : I've also taken good preparation in all subjects. But you know that I'm weak in English. Would you suggest me how I can take good preparation in it.
Setu:  Of course. You should learn some important basic rules of English. Besides, you should improve your writing skill. 
Myself: Is it enough? 
Setu: No. You should also solve the board questions of last few years.
Myself : Thank you for your suggestion. 
Setu: Thank you too.

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