A Liar Cowboy Story

There was a naughty cowboy who grazed his cows beside a forest. He used to make fun with the people crying "Tiger! Tiger!" The people looked up and saw the cowboy motioning wildly to them and pointing towards his cows. They threw down their sickles and ran to the cows. But they found the cows quietly grazing, and there was no tiger to be seen. "Where is the tiger?" they asked. "I didn't say the tiger was here," replied the cowboy, and he laughed aloud and long as he saw the look of surprise in the men's faces. They got very angry and left the place. Not many days after, these same men heard the cry, "Tiger! Tiger!" Hearing the cry the kind-hearted men left their work and hurried toward the cows' pasture. When they came to the pasture, they knew that he had been playing another trick on them. They looked for him, but could not find him. He hid himself in some bushes where he could look on and enjoy their surprise and anger. One day a tiger really came. The boy was very much frightened. He ran to the men for help. "Oh, you have fooled us twice," they said. "You shall not have another chance." "But the tiger is surely there," cried the boy. "It is killing my cows. Do come and help!" But the men kept with their work and did not even look at him. The tiger fell upon his cows and killed many. At last it fell upon the boy and tore him into pieces.

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