Leisure Time Paragraph For Any Class

To enjoy one’s time with profound relaxation without having any official strictness is called leisure. It is very dear to the people who are engaged in the daily hurdles of life. In villages, life seems so simple. The villagers spend their time in the tea-stalls gossiping with others. The women also share the feelings of others so frankly. But in cities, both men and women enjoy the leisures mostly in their room sitting in front of the TV set. The women talk on the phone frequently. Sometimes they entertain their friends and relatives around them. People both in villages and cities enjoy the natural sites which refresh their anxiety and fatigues. Men and women enjoy the superb nature of the late winter. They travel from one place to another. The flowers are bloomed everywhere. It turns the nature into a great look. They sky remains clear. Everywhere there remains a flow of enjoyment. Along with my friends I go out for a suitable spot. We there enjoy the day very much. It relieves our frustration. So, as per my evaluation, leisures open the door of great enjoyment.

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